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Modest Midget

'The Great Prophecy' album reviews

"This Modest Midget might just grow to be very big".

Edwin Ammerlaan, Lust For Life (Revolver). HOLLAND 2010.

"...this is undoubtebly the start of a successful carreer for Modest Midget. Modesty is not in place here. With such a product this band can proudly hop in the touring world".

Frans Steensma, Oor Magazine. HOLLAND 2010.

"Especially notable aspects of this amazing recording include the delightful influence of klezmer, especially on the addictive “Troubles in Heaven”, plus the striking similarity of Ziblat’s voice to Paul McCartney’s on “Home Seek” and “The Last Straw”. This is one Modest Midget that can righteously blow its own horn".

David Taylor, Progression Magazine. USA 2010.

"Even though the band is composing mind blowing material, it’s also accessible and catchy... This is a brilliant band that deserves every bit of acclaim they get. The Great Prophecy of a Small Man should be essential listening for all serious music listeners".

James Moore. Skope Magazine. USA 2012.

"...there isn’t a dull spot on this disc anywhere, and surprises abound at every turn. This will definitely find a place high on my top discs of the year".

Peter Thelen, Expose. USA 2010.

I have enjoyed the CD very much and certainly would like to hear more of this band. The music may well appeal to a broader audience than just the prog field.

Gert Hulshof. DPRP. Holland.

"With only one album under their belt, the future does indeed seem bright for the lads from Amsterdam. Highly recommended."

"...there isn't a dull spot on the disc anywhere, and surprises about at every turn. This will definitely find a place high on my top discs of the year."

Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility. USA 2010.

“only an unnaturally strong musical GIFTEDNESS can truly account for the delightfully playful, richly varied, yet somehow surprisingly accessible music of Modest Midget.”

Mark Stephens, Prog Positivity. USA 2010.

"We feel that this band has what it takes to become a commercial success, and we wish that it earns this well deserved success, if only for the egoistic hope of listening to a second album"

Avi Shaked, Maelstrom. ISRAEL 2012.

"This year’s award for best band name and album title goes to Modest Midget. This album is one of the most colorful that this genre has produced in a long time. If [Lionel] continues in the same style, I can almost guarantee that this man will get a contract with one of the better record companies out there. Recommended"!

Sven Eriksen, Tarkus Magazine. NORWAY 2010.

"The Great Prophecy... is likely to set Modest Midget up for a few more nominations and perhaps even an award or two. It's That good"!

Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World. USA 2010.

"The Great Prophecy is masterful accomplishment that will certainly appeal to fans of bands such as the already mentioned Split Enz and other Art Rockers like them... Recommended."

Jerry Lucky, USA 2010.

"a synthesis of complexity wth simplicity that make us wish for more music by Modest Midget"

Gustavo Bolasini, El Retorno del Gigante (Eng tr). Argentina 2010.

" unusual CD... likely to be one of my picks for ten best albums of 2010

Gary Hill, Music Street Journal. USA 2010.

"The excellent song crafting could attract attention far beyond hardcore prog fanatics."

George Parsons, Dream Magazine. USA 2010.

"This is one of the best prog rock debuts in years... A modernised and diversified Gentle Giant will be a nice reference point, but then a GG that also has a lot of air-play potential".

Misha Pankevich, Prog-Nose. HOLLAND 2010.

"MODEST MIDGET is a very innovative band and perhaps they will be big in 10 years time, because they truly offer something unique and different than any other band out there!"

Gabor Kleinbloesem, Stutter'Zine. HOLLAND 2010.

"...a realy beautiful album... I absolutely recommend you get a copy... if you get a chance to see Modest Midget live on stage, see them! This band will really give you a fantastic night. A great performance, very entertaining, just as the album!"

Marcel Haster, Live Prog. HOLLAND 2012.

In Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Slovenian etc:

"...there is no doubt that we are dealing here with a great talent. A talent that could be cultivated however in order to be able to talk of a masterpiece".

David Sjoerd, MusicMaker. Holland 2010.

"De albumpresentatie vond 9 mei in Amsterdam plaats: ongetwijfeld de start van een succesvolle carrière voor Modest Midget. Bescheidenheid is hier niet op zijn plaats, met zo’n product mag deze band vol trots het tourcircuit induiken".

Frans Steensma, Oor Magazine. Holland 2010.

"What can one say after such an exquisite trip? Buy the album! Now, this moment! Modest Midget created a masterpiece, a breakthrough that will be the main topic of every discussion amongst prog fans, once after the album establishes itself. 'The Great Prophecy' of the Dutchmen with Ziblat as their leader is without doubt simply the best debut album of the 21st century so far."

Tine Kolenik, RockLine. SloveniLa 2010.

"Modest Midget did an excelent work. Recomandable."

Branimir Lokner, Freelance reviewer. Serbia 2010.

"Deze zeer muzikale kabouter hoeft niet eens zozeer te groeien, want de frisse mengeling van stijlen is van hoog niveau. Niet te bescheiden."

Freek Wolff, IO Pages. Holland 2010.

"...Están presentes la contemporaneidad, el humor, el avant-garde y el folclor, el sentido melódico y la furia controlada, buena narración que el arte de portada explica con fidelidad".

Alfredo Tapia Carretero, Manticornio. Mexico 2010.

"I hope that Modest Midget receives their well deserved attention because they promise a good future while today’s Prog is definitely in need of something new".

Massimo Salari - Rock Impressions. Italy 2010.

"The Great Prophecy Of A Small Man” is een geslaagd debuut. Met deze muziek zou de groep bovendien niet misstaan in het voorprogramma van elke willekeurige progressieve rockband."

Hans Ravensbergen, Holland 2010.

"Un disco absolutamente fresco y entrañable...repleto de buen gusto, sofisticació y grandes composiciones..."

Gustavo Bolasini, El Retorno del Gigante (Español). Argentina 2010.

"we hebben hier te maken met een geweldige cd. Aan de hand van alleskunner Lionel Ziblat... Met een rijk en afwisselend instrumentarium, waaronder verschillende blazers en gitaren, is The great prophecy of a small man een welkome aanvulling in de cd-kast."

Hans van der Maas, Heaven Pop Magazine, Holland 2010.

Concert reviews

"The 30th of January 2010 is an evening we will not easily forget!"

- Jos (cafe owner), Café de Muzikant - Neerkant, N Brabant (The Netherlands).

More reviews and quotes

“Stubborn, intangible, surprising. Sounds accessible, but is musicaly / technically above averege.” (The editorial of the Dutch site ‘OngekendTalent’ , announcing the nomination of the band as one of the top 10 bands in the site for 2008. The site includes more than 11,000 different bands and acts. The Netherlands 2009).

“a fine band that mixes inteligently major Beatle influences, progressive rock and jewish music with great delicacy.” Gustavo Bolasini, Argentina: El Retorno del Gigante = The Return of the Giant. Argentina 2009).

“The EP produced by this group is filled with taste, cool melodies, and 15 minutes of unpretentious performance. But there will be more! I look forward to a compact edition of the full album, "The Great Prophecy Of A Small Man," and to hear more surprises from the band, led by Lionel Ziblat...” (Artur Chaclowski, Radio Alfa – Krakow, Poland 2010)

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Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

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