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Modest Midget

Expecting The Birth of: CRYSIS!


You're hereby invited to have a listen to a selection of fragments from the album.

The title was inspired by the chinese word pronounced 'wei-chi' which literaly translates to English as a "Crucial / critial, dangerous point". The word's meaning might have mistaken in the west, confusing the word 'crucial' with the word 'opportunity', thereby presenting the inspiring meaning that within every crisis is also an opportunity for change and progress.

This became the core of the idea behind this album. The notion that everything in life has a beginning and an ending, and every important turning point consists of risks and pain. Life itself is a large cycle consisting of smaller chapters and cycles.

Please contact Lonny through info(at)modestmidget(dot)com in order to arrange an interview or for any other questions that you might have. Your support means a lot to us and we appreciate the power that you have in your hands to help us promote and present this album to the world of Progressive music and beyond.

Thank you for listening! Crysis Mix - Birth Opening - Centurion - Gone Is - Secret - Pretty - Flight - Crisis - Birth Ending.mp3

The fragments are from these tunes:

  • The Grand Gate Opening
  • Birth
  • A Centurion's Itchy Belly
  • Secret Lies
  • Crisis
  • Pretty Woman (written by Roy Orbison)
  • Gone Is
  • Rocky Valleys of Dawn
  • Praise The Day
  • Flight Of The Cockroach
  • Birth (Finale)

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Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

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