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Modest Midget

Tarkus Magazine on The Great Prophecy.

This year’s award for best band name and album title goes to Modest Midget and their debut album “The Great Prophecy Of A Small Man”, but before you go crazy by this release, it could be an advantage to take a closer look at the music presented by the multi-talent Lonny Ziblat and his friends. Already after the EP “Partial Exposure”, Modest Midget was hailed as the next big thing, and finally their full length album is ready for release.

Ziblat is half Israeli and half Argentine, but has been resident in the Netherlands for years. He writes all the lyrics and music, he sings and he plays various instruments. The only other contributors on this album is a small group of classical musicians in the form of strings and horns. So, we meet a talented young man with roots in many parts of the world, with virtually no musical limitations and with an imagination that few are granted. This is the starting point for “The Great Prophecy Of A Small Man”.

And he does not disappoint. This album is one of the most colorful that this genre has produced in a long time, and we are being served a musical three-course consisting of everything from progressive rock and '60s pop to Jewish folk music and jazz. The result is a cross between Frank Zappa and The Beatles, and it's all enjoyably naive, sophisticated, humorous, beautiful, playful and above all different. The composer’s best attribute is his ability to collect and integrate all these styles and impressions in a joint musical expression, without ever compromising the quality of the songs.

if only people could discover this man and his Modest Midget, we could at least be ceratin to have a sequel or ten. If he continues in the same style, I can almost guarantee that this man will get a contract with one of the better record companies (now we are not talking Sony, EMI or similar) out there. Recommended!

Sven Eriksen

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Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

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