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Modest Midget

Progression magazine

Modest Midget: The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

Progressive Rock / Symphonic

Rating: 15

Modest Midget is mostly the work of Israel-born Lionel Ziblat now living in Holand.

Clues to what Ziblat / Midget is up to suffuse lyrics of the opener, “Contemporary Ache”. Reference is made to how “Bach and Jazz can even get along” and then there’s the important tip-off, “Forty years ago and more Pepper tought his band…”.

Yes, Modest Midget joins the growing ranks of such groups as Klaatu, Sutrobath and others in ntrying to revive the Beatles’ ultra-melodicism. The focus is pointedly on the Fab Four’s most progressive, late-‘60s period. In fact, some tracks, most notably “Back From My Trip”, edge into Genesis or Gentle Giant territory with instrumental breaks as pithy as they are brief.

No tracks surpass five minutes, but they’re no less complex for it. Especially notable aspects of this amazing recording include the delightful influence of klezmer, especially on the addictive “Troubles in Heaven”, plus the striking similarity of Ziblat’s voice to Paul McCartney’s on “Home Seek” and “The Last Straw”. This is one Modest Midget that can righteously blow its own horn.

David Taylor

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Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

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