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Modest Midget


  • - While work is still taking place on the Crysis album, the band offers a first glimpse on one of its tunes:
  • - As from December 2nd and throughout the next two weeks Lonny's album Songs From The Drawer (see the discography page or Lonny's site) will be on sale for merely 5 euro's (excl. shipment), if you purchase it through thiis link. If you do not have a paypal account but you reside in Europe please get in touch with Lonny for more details through info(at) A beautiful gift for the holidays for true music-lovers.

  • - For those of you who missed our shows: Celebrating the completion of our 2nd tour in The Netherlands, here is a specially mixed and edited full live set that was recorded in Melody Line (Amsterdam). Recording engineer: Lode de Roos. Enjoy!

  • - Modest Midget is on a break from touring right now. That is not to say that nothing is happening. The band is preparing new material for the next album, as you can hear on this short rehearsal excert below. Furthermore, we are already accepting bookings for next year.
  • - Marcel Haster of Live Prog has just published a wonderful video-review about The Great Prophecy album and a very enthusiastic note about the live show.

  • - September 8th Modest Midget will be closing a circle; it will be the 10th show of the band in the Netherlands this tour. De Nacht van de Kaap is a feel good festival with a great atmosphere where the band will be feesting with a big set of music from the former album as well as from the next one. Purchase a ticket through the Walhalla Theater site.

  • - Contemporary Ache has been chosen as The featured video on the SongDoor songwriting competition websit (14-16 May 2012).

  • - Meet the band! The band tells about themselves during a rehearsal. Who we are, what and why. Preparations are being made for our coming two concerts; sharing the stage in Winston Kingdom with singer-songwriter Channah, and warming up for Flower Kings guitarist Hasse Fröbergk in Lakei, Helmond.

 - New video's are now available from the current tour, with a superb multi-track audio recording. Find them on the video page.

- The band is in a happy stage right now, having started a tour on February 26th with a fabulous concert in Melody Line, enjoying a very warm welcome from an overwhelmingly excited audience. Three more dates have been confirmed for this tour and are already on our tour dates page.

Alongside all the fun that's happening there are still quite a few challenges. At this point our expenses are still much higher than our revenue is likely to be during this tour. This means that in order to be able to keep on working now, and in order to be able to gather a budget for the recording our next album, we decided to go for the "crowd-funding" option. You can donate us any amount that you see fit by clicking on the 'Make a Donation' botton on the right menu, or by bank transfer. Any kind of financial support will be most welcome. Most importantly, we're hoping to see you in one of our concerts!

- A new tour in the Netherlands, starting with a show February 26th in Melody-Line, Amsterdam (16:00). Read more in the tour dates page.

- 10 Jan 12 A 5 star review by James Moore on Skope Magazine.

- Jan 12 The band is rehearsing and getting ready for a new tour in Holland!

- 22 Dec 11 "The Great Prophecy" album is available on iTunes in South America.

- 22 Dec 11 "The Great Prophecy" album is available in CD format through Amazon "on Demand" (A cheaper version of the cd with limited art-work. If you wish to have the full version with all the lyrics and top quality print, you can still find it on the other retailers).

- Dec 2011 Modest Midget is featured on the Dutch Oor Magazine Pop-Encyclopedia (issue 18, 2012)- 23 Nov 11 Lonny Ziblat - guest performer on the Hermanos Butaca concert in Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

- 18 Nov 11 Lonny Ziblat presents his "Songs From The Drawer" album, live the Boris Club, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

- 1 Nov 11 Modest Midget featured on the Lonny Ziblat singe "What If".

- Jan 2011 - The Great Prophecy has been selected by several instances as one of the best albums of 2010:

- "Ziblat / Modest Midget se destaca por la originalidad con que toma, mezcla y vuelve a desplegar una música divertida y a la vez profunda". Quique Quagliano, Gigantes Gentiles (radio-) Blog. ARGENTINA

- "While it is admittedly impressive any time a progressive band pens memorable and captivating melodies, the true genius of Modest Midget is not that they write such compellingly clever and quirky tunes. Nor is that they somehow manage to imbue these tenaciously catchy melodies with rich vocal harmonies and arrangements (reminiscent of XTC's greater works). No. Their true stroke of genius is that they have achieved these distinctions while simultaneously introducing bold harmonic tonalities into the mix (in the tradition of Gentle Giant) to create some of the most intelligent and cogent progressive pop music I've heard in a long long time". Mark Stephens, Prog Positivity. USA

- The Great Prophecy is nominated among the top debut albums on ProgAwards.

- Among the Top 10 on Delicious Agony.

Old News

- 24 April 09 A review on 'El Ritorno del Gigante' - Argentina.

- 30 March 09 A fabulous review on Wildy's World honou ring our EP with 4.5 stars!!!

- 29 Dec 08 Modest Midget was chosen as one of the Top 10 bands at Ongekend-Talent for 2008.

- 25 Dec 08 a live version of Evolution is available on YouTube:

- 01 Dec 08 Modest Midget was added to the ProgRock Radio database, a new Jersey based radio station. We can now be heard there every once in a while. * Contact them and request your favourite Modest Midget track!

- 14 Sept 08 A new video available on YouTube, with the performance of Now That We're Here.

- 10 Aug 08 M-Zone's first Collection cd published. This album holds a collection of songs by different Israeli artists. Included is the Midget's song How Far Is Leiden?

- 20 Jul 08 Lonny Ziblat performs solo, acoustically in the Karmel Klooster in Drachten (FR - The Netherlands).

- 10 Jul 08 Modest Midget are featured as the band of the day on the IAC Music site.

- Four songs are out for sale! Find them on Amazon or on itunes.

- The song 'Troubles In Heaven' got an honorable mention on the West Coast Song Writers festival. Find him on iTunes for download.

- 10 Dec 07 Modest Midget's song Evolution stars on the popular Shop Rock podcast.

- 8 Dec 07 Lionel Ziblat performs solo amongst other artists in De Cameleon theatre, Amsterdam.

- 12 Oct 07 A short video clip of a fresh new number - The Lamb Baba - has been published on a new Modest Midget YouTube page.

- 17 Aug 07 The FatCat Radio Network. play our instrumental Coffee From Yesterday on their show as from the 18th of august, 10AM central time (US). It will keep on running during the whole week after that.

- 01 Aug 07 Our song - How Far Is Leiden? - number 14 on the KIAC BIG 50 chart.

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