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Modest Midget

These are new tracks from Lonny Ziblat's up & coming new solo album. Scroll further to find the lyrics. Lonny's first album has been chosen as one of the best 5 albums of 2011 by Lust For Lifes' reviewer Edwin Ammerlaan.

Since then he has orchestrated music for the in 2012 Oscar nominated film 'Footnote', has been working with Latin Grammy winner Omar Mollo and with the Dutch, highly regarded artist Wouter Hamel.

Lonny also regularly writes arrangements for the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and is regularly composing film & TV music. Find more on

For more info you can contact Lonny directly:

[email protected] / +31 6 4821 8853

Thank you for listening!

Healing / L. Ziblat

Shinny white crystals dance and flash around

Shaded dark corners rest without a sound

Somedays are blissful

Some are less grateful

Finally standing firmly on your ground

Feeling a fresh breeze blowing all around

Somedy you’ll fix me

After you’ve missed me

You keep on shining brighter than a star

She feels your heartbeat growing from afar

The days keep on reeling

Time goes on healing 

Another Day / L. Ziblat

The time is gone my loved one

There’s nothing more to say

The hope has long forgone us

And sailed on far ahead

When waves can’t live together

When waves don’t mix

There’s nothing left to break

And nothing left to shake

Let’s swipe another day

There’s crocodiles and angels

Some reign and some do not

The rest is just as they are

Get eaten or get fat

There goes another day

When I am not a player

They place their little wager

I swipe another day

The notions fly around us

They float and trade away

The dreams we both were born with

All rusting tins that roll away

The time has gone my loved one

And stole our hopes too soon

The home we used to be

Will rest up on the moon

This night is here to stay

Barby Q / L. Ziblat

You stood right there and caught my eye

This day is just as hot as I would like

It is the perfect weather

Take off your little sweater

So many guys in line for you

I thought I’d join them in this barby cue

Been standing here forever

And it’s a sweaty weather

Hold your hand up, Follow me

I’ll take you to my paradise, I’ll take you to the see

You stood me up the other night

I was so keen to dance and I still might

We’re perfect for together

I dare you to say never

You took a selfie with your bike

And then you saw me and my face-book like

Don’t say this bird will never

Get ticklish with a feather

Hold your hand out, I’ll follow you

Take me to your paradise, I’ll take you to the zoo

A summer sun is shining bright

A summer guy just longs to hold you tight

It’s getting pretty sweaty

Let’s shoot pool where it’s wetty

Outta Sight / L. Ziblat

As you know I’ve had my beatings

And I got my share of truth

And we know pain leads to nothing

So what’s the use?

As you fought your way through grievances

And you fought your way through life

So you thought that you could call me

But I’m on strike!

How I’d love to once more hold you tight

Crazy, brilliant, awesome, out of sight!

Miss your kisses and my teddy bear

Miss your kisses on my cheek

But as long as I can wait a while

It’s hide & seek

How I’d love to tell you how I feel

And how much you mean to me

But as long as I can stretch it on

I’m asleep

How I’d love to have you in my life

Just as long as you are out of sight!

Stuck / L. Ziblat

Don’t know where, don’t know when

Your eyes will shine again

Your smile will grow, your teeth will show

How beautifully you glow

Don’t know how, don’t know why

You should ever cry

Time will fly, your tears will dry

Your light will fill the sky

Don’t know what, don’t know who

I just don’t have a clue

If we are stuck, don’t give a tuck

As long as I’m with you.

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