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Modest Midget

Café de Muzikant – Neerkant, Noord Brabant (The Netherlands) 2010

January 30th, 2010 was an evening of snow, heat and slippery roads.

A concert has taken place in our place, Café de Muzikant, by the Amsterdam based band Modest Midget; an evening that will no be easily forgotten.

It was obvious already during soundcheck that this was no ordinary band. There was much regard for detail as small adjustments were made, pleasantly requested in order to find the precise sound they were looking for.

From the moment that the first note was played a colorful swinging mood was set, sparkling with different musical images and different rhythms. The style was impossible to define. Within the whole there were many unexpected inversions, sometimes several at a time, blended with a web of splendid melodies which arose from it.

Lead singer Lionel (which also wrote all the songs) offered us intellectual lead guitar parts which provided a distinctive sound. A complex structure and yet within a danceable frame. The band he formed knew just how to bring his compositions to a perfectly tight whole. A sudden rough rock sound-burst suddenly swifts into a folklore-like passage, then a ballad with a traditionally sensitive Beatle element. A musical journey within the rock world taking a bite from Argentinean, Jewish and Cabaret music styles.

It was an explosion of joy.

We are happy to have had the chance to meet these kind and gifted guys in our café." (Jos, Cafe de Muzikant, Neerkant, N Brabant, The Netherlands).

Artis Orubs - Drums (beautiful drum solo Artis!! )

Tristan Hupe - Keyboards & vocals (good luck in The Hague)

Lonny Ziblat – Lead guitar & vocals (Merci! )

Richard Zoer – Bass guitar & vocals (what a tight ex 'Hazés' musician)

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Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

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