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Modest Midget

Barby Q

You stood right there and caught my eye

This day is just as hot as I would like

It is the perfect weather

Take off your little sweater

So many guys in line for you

I thought I’d join them in this barby cue

Been standing here forever

And it’s a sweaty weather

Hold your hand up, Follow me

I’ll take you to my paradise, I’ll take you to the see

You stood me up the other night

I was so keen to dance and I still might

We’re perfect for together

I dare you to say never

You took a selfie with your bike

And then you saw me and my face-book like

Don’t say this bird will never

Get ticklish with a feather

Hold your hand out, I’ll follow you

Take me to your paradise, I’ll take you to the zoo

A summer sun is shining bright

A summer guy just longs to hold you tight

It’s getting pretty sweaty

Let’s shoot pool where it’s wetty

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Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

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