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Modest Midget

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Purchase a CD


EUR 12.49

This album is available as a PRE-ORDER. It will be shipped when released, on September 28th.

Being the follow up to The Great Prophecy album, and written during the last tour and recorded right after it, this new album is probably even more excentric than the first.

On one hand daring and cheeky compositions and on the other a yet more straight from the heart and humaine sound, this album is one complete work that consists of songs and instrumentals which are just as strong together as they are varied.

Strong, sharp lyrics of both global and personal character, colourfull melodies and harmonies, woven together in within a meticulous production, and wrapped in a subtle yet lush package with a 24 page lyric booklet designed by Netaly Reshef.


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Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

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