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Modest Midget

The Great Prophecy: Among 2010's Top Prog albums

- "Ziblat / Modest Midget se destaca por la originalidad con que toma, mezcla y vuelve a desplegar una música divertida y a la vez profunda". Quique Quagliano, Gigantes Gentiles (radio-) Blog. ARGENTINA

- "While it is admittedly impressive any time a progressive band pens memorable and captivating melodies, the true genius of Modest Midget is not that they write such compellingly clever and quirky tunes. Nor is that they somehow manage to imbue these tenaciously catchy melodies with rich vocal harmonies and arrangements (reminiscent of XTC's greater works). No. Their true stroke of genius is that they have achieved these distinctions while simultaneously introducing bold harmonic tonalities into the mix (in the tradition of Gentle Giant) to create some of the most intelligent and cogent progressive pop music I've heard in a long long time". Mark Stephens, Prog Positivity. USA

- The Great Prophecy nominated among the top debut albums on ProgAwards.

- Among the Top 10 on Delicious Agony.

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Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

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